Roller Door Rescue has been servicing South Australia since 2003, our team is highly skilled and has the experience and expertise to fix all things garage and roller doors. Whether you are locked out, have a faulty engine or your wires have frayed or snapped call Bevan today on 0403326161.


How often should a garage door be serviced or repaired?


For all repairs and services for your roller door, garage doors and even motors, wires and springs is ideally once every 18 months for a service/ maintenance check. The reality is that roller doors and garages get to a stage where they need to be serviced or repaired so they do not fray and breakdown.

The reality is not much adjustment needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure long jeopardy. However if you prolong and delay the on going work that needs to be done then the reality is you will need to fully replace your existing system. A typical motor should expect 10 to 15 years life expectancy depending on its use, ongoing services and maintenance will ensure that your system will last this time.




We install – service and repair all brands, makes and models including:



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Steel Line

Steel Line Garage Doors