Garage and Roller Door Repairs Adelaide


At Roller Door Rescue we are the go to specialists when it comes to all things repairs and services for roller doors and garages throughout Adelaide. A lot of home owners forget the importance of having a fully functioning roller door or garage is, especially when the malfunction at the most inconvenient times – usually happening when you are your way to work in the morning and early Saturday morning when you are about to head out for a day of activities.

A key note to remember with all roller doors and garages that If they are not serviced or repaired regularly they will prematurely wear out. Meaning that the motor has to work harder than it usually would – leading it to breakdown and malfunction more regularly and more often. If you don’t regularly service your roller doors or garages they can end up being unpleasantly noisy, running rough and in turn leading to them breaking down at an inconvenient time when you least need it or expect it.

When it comes to going to work in the morning or coming home late at night we all need a roller door that works and that does not breakdown on you in the worse possible time. This is where the importance of having a regular services, repairs and check-ups.

Servicing and repairs usually take no more than half an hour and most things can be fixed within an hour. No job to big or small – so give us a call today on 0403326161


Emergency Garage Door Repairs Adelaide


At Roller Door Rescue we offer emergency roller door repairs and emergency garage door repairs throughout Adelaide – including after hour’s emergency work and emergency work on weekends. Depending on the situation at hand – same day service and emergency same day service applies.


Broken Springs Example


Broken Spring Example


Lubricating Springs


New Roller Door Motor


Replaced Rotten Frame